All Mechanical Repairs

We carry a wide range of special equipment to perform a variety of mechanical repairs that are necessary. We are able to carry out:

  • Repairs to differentials and gearboxes.
  • Total rebuilds of cylinder heads, including valve guides and valves.
  • Pressure testing and repairs to coolant systems, including water pumps, radiators, thermostats and hoses.

Should your vehicle be due for its replacement cam/timing belt, we have you covered.

We also have the specialist equipment on-site to manufacture and fit our own high-pressure brake lines and brake hoses, when required. Our brake overhauls, include brake master cylinders, brake boosters, regular brake pads and disc/rotor replacements and resurfacing. Rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders. Handbrake cables and adjustments.

Moving parts in your steering and suspension wear out and require regular checks and replacement. We'll have your handling like a new one!

We attend to all of those other annoying issues and breakages too, like knocks, rattles, squeeks, sticky windows, door handles, locks and window regulators - both electric and mechanical.

At Best Price Auto Workshop, our fully trained mechanics use all of the latest technologies and tools to diagnose and repair and test any mechanical issues that your vehicle may have.

Get in touch with us today to book an inspection.

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